Below is a gait analysis of one of our ambulatory (walking) brain injury clients who participated in a two week therapy program. This individual did a pre-assessment and a post-assessment. If you observe the picture below, you will notice that there is a frontal view and a side view, both with a title above (pre therapy and post therapy). The technology is the same technology that movie makers used for The Lord of the Rings films to create a realistic movement reference for some of the humanoid creatures depicted. There are receptors placed on all of the joint areas of the body, that relate information back to various camera angles that then translate that data into detailed information about the gait and posture of the participant.

If you observe the pre and post therapy images, you will notice that various postural changes occur. Lateral balance was improved, upward posture and trunk control was improved. Rotation of the lower extremities was improved. Stride was increased. Rotation and natural dorsi flexion of the feet was improved.

We hope this analysis is helpful for your understanding of how quickly the body can change and advance in function with our programs. We look forward to helping you achieve more from your current situation.