Ed Snapp PT



Ed Snapp was an incredible thinker and in my opinion one of the nicest men that ever lived. His ability to think in retrospect gave him the vision of seeing how human functions developed and how to find the foundational deficit related to various disabilities. This unique ability allowed him the insight to group, not just one or two diagnoses together but an entire array of neurological and developmental disabilities. In a thought; it seems that we will one day see that, if a functional disability is not related to extreme nervous tissue damage, then it should be repairable strictly by neuro-sensory sequencing. Because of Ed Snapp's work medical professionals will someday see that when properly organized basic sensations are remarkably responsible for the recovery of core functional aspects of our bodies and central nervous systems.

Besides the fact that Edward A Snapp jr. was my father, it is safe for me to say that his life was an awe inspiring gift for anyone who had been in the room with him. He never expected anything from anyone and he always gave them everything he had in him. People were always given hope because his heart only knew how to help.

There is a way to help, even if it is just by giving a glimmer of hope. Do you believe that? I do. I have to because that is how I was raised. Even when you are down and out there is still a chance you will get back to where you can rise up again. Never give up completely, not until the very end. You know, Ed Snapp was that kind of man. That is the kind of therapy that a man like that produces. One that gives hope. One that doesn't say "we're done here."

The truth is that there is hope for many people struggling with disabilities, trauma, dysfunction, learning problems, autism, brain injury, you name it. The best part is that as a nation and a world, we are beginning to see the wonder of what God has given us. Natural medicine. It has been here since the beginning. Our best doctor is right within our very cells. What a time of life to be here on earth and what a wonder to up lift so many people.

Thank you Ed Snapp for what you have done. You are loved always! Your steady and selfless ways have done so much for so many. I know that your dreams of natural recovery for spinal injury, brain injuries, and other traumatic injuries will come true. I know that your amazing display of care for others will not go unappreciated in this world. I know that because of your amazing will to help those who wanted to believe in hope, that in the present time many have a chance to live to their fullest again.

Ed always said, "Son, do your best". Truly I don't know if I've lived up to that but I know I sure am willing. There are not many in this world who focus on others benefit. There are not many in this world who truly care how you are. Don't we need to strengthen one another? Isn't that how we do our best? It is a tough life and this world is a hard place to live but if there is one thing we need, it is to do our best to care about one another. That is the mission of this life. Let's do our best to love one another. Ed did his part, now let's do ours.

James E Snapp CMT, LMT ~ The hopeful son of a great and awesome man.


This photo taken in 2001 at Coral Castle Museum in Miami, FL. USA