Snapp Therapeutics

Customized massage at my studio or.... on the go.

Advanced Massage Therapy and Wellness Techniques...

Snapp Therapeutics is located within;
The Natural Choice Family Health Clinic
2152 S Vineyard Ste 111 Bldg 5A
Mesa, AZ 85210 
Massage Hours: 9am-7pm M-F, Saturday, by Appointment Only
The Natural Choice is a full service Naturopathic Medical Center


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Experience matters...
Isn't it time that you found a great massage therapist that helps produce results, allows you the comfort you need to relax, and leaves you appreciative of the time and money invested? 

The first step is complete. Now it is time to book one of the best therapeutic massage sessions you have ever had. If your massage is not excellent, I will give you your next one for half price. That is a promise.  Snapp Therapeutics is conveniently located just off the 
US 60 and Country Club Dr. Call to book a session now.


Choose from these massage techniques:
Deep Tissue
Cross Fiber 
Aromatherapy Massage
Hot Stone 
Thai Yoga Massage 

Enjoy healing arts techniques in my studio or on the go. One of our first therapeutic goals will be to help relax your body and mind. Life's stresses can damage your health, and you have to take the time to allow yourself to recover. Massage therapy is the best way to stimulate that recovery allowing you to refresh, refocus and to help relax the mental and physical symptoms that are due to our busy lifestyles, hectic work schedules, negative perceptions, lack of exercise, and poor diets. Take some time for yourself today and get serious about your health and wellbeing. You are worth it. 


Call or Text for Your Appointment

James Snapp, LMT
State Licensed in Arizona

As a massage therapist, who has been practicing for over 15 years, my hopes for our sessions together are simple.  I want to provide you with excellent care as well as help you have an improved quality of life. If you are dealing with chronic pain, neurological issues, or just need to settle down and recoup, I am confident that you will be glad we are working together. Make your next massage experience the most valuable so far.

Massage Therapy Can Help You


Massage Therapy is beneficial for the health and balance of the body systems, helps oxygenate tissues, relieves stress and is an excellent preventative for sports related injuries as well as occupational injuries. Prevent or stop sciatic nerve pain, other chronic pain problems and have more comfort for your everyday life, with myofascial release and trigger point methods. Massage is also helpful to the immune system and helps rid the body of toxins that build up in the soft tissues of the body. Having regular massage therapy accompanied with proper stretching techniques is a positive way to increase your body's potential as well as to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.